Plumbing Snakes in Nanaimo, BC
September 20

Plumbing Snakes: Are They Worth It?

Everyone fights with clogged sinks or a backed-up toilet at some point. Plumbing snakes are advertised as easy-to-use solutions that will get things flowing again… View Article Read More

Drain Flies in Nanaimo, BC
August 16

6 Ways of Preventing Drain Flies in Your Drains

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Water heater temp in Nanaimo, BC
July 15

What’s the Right Water Heater Temperature?

Your water heater stores a large amount of hot water, typically between 151 and 227 litres. This water is kept in the tank and heated… View Article Read More

Summer Plumbing in Nanaimo, BC
June 20

Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems in Summer

With more guests and children at home, the use of your plumbing system intensifies in summer. The pools and sprinklers are more in demand during… View Article Read More

Clogged Sink Solutions in Nanaimo, BC
May 19

The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

When you have a plumbing emergency, it needs to get resolved as quickly as possible. Some emergencies can result in danger to your family and… View Article Read More

Clogged Drain in Nanaimo, BC
April 19

Do’s and Don’ts for Fixing a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaner Before looking at some of the options you can use to unclog your garbage disposal, it’s first necessary to mention… View Article Read More